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sow n : an adult female hog


1 place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth; "She sowed sunflower seeds" [syn: sough, seed]
2 introduce into an environment; "sow suspicion or beliefs" [syn: sough]
3 place seeds in or on (the ground); "sow the ground with sunflower seeds" [syn: inseminate, sow in] [also: sown]

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Etymology 1





  1. A female pig.
  2. A channel that conducts molten metal to molds.
  3. A mass of metal solidified in a mold.
  4. derogatory slang A contemptible woman.
  • 1957, In England, it was generally termed a 'sow', if the weight was above 10 cwts., if below, it was termed a 'pig' from which the present term 'pig iron' is derived. — H.R. Schubert, History of the British Iron and Steel Industry, p. 160.
  • (mass of metal solidified in a mold): ingot
  • (contemptible woman): bitch, cow
female pig
  • Dutch: zeug
  • Finnish: emakko, emäsika
  • French: truie
  • German: Sau
  • Italian: scrofa
  • Old English: su, sugu
  • Polish: maciora
  • Portuguese: porca
  • Russian: свинья (svin’já)
  • Swedish: so, sugga
channel that conducts molten metal to molds
mass of metal solidified in a mold
  • Swedish: galt, göt, tacka
contemptible woman

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Etymology 2



  • /səʊ/
  • /s@U/


  1. To scatter, disperse, or plant (seeds).
    I needed to sow the field, so I sowed the field and when I had sown the field, I was happy.
disperse seeds

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Sow may refer to:
sow in Italian: Scrofa
sow in Dutch: Zeug
sow in Swedish: Sugga

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Partlet, barrow, bed, bestrew, biddy, bitch, boar, bossy, broadcast, brood mare, bullion, button, cast, casting, circumfuse, cow, deal out, dibble, diffract, diffuse, dispense, disperse, dispread, disseminate, distribute, diverge, doe, drill, ewe, ewe lamb, fan out, filly, forest, gate, gilt, guinea hen, gyp, heifer, hen, hind, hog, implant, ingot, inseminate, issue, jenny, lioness, mare, nanny, nanny goat, overscatter, oversow, overspread, peahen, pig, piggy, piglet, pigling, pitch, plant, porker, pot, propagate, publish, put in, radiate, razorback, reforest, regulus, reset, retail, retimber, roe, scatter, scatter seed, seed, seed down, seminate, set, she-bear, she-goat, she-lion, sheet metal, shoat, slut, sow broadcast, splay, spread, spread out, straw, strew, suckling pig, swine, tigress, toss, transplant, tusker, utter, vixen, wild boar
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